Ana conquers her fear of speaking 🧡


“Selective mutism is a complex anxiety disorder. Children with selective mutism are often unable to speak in certain social situations even though they have no problems with speech or language in other environments (for instance at home).

This picture-book describes how Ana is confronted by anguish and fears even though she has a great desire to communicate with her friends in the nursery school. In these situations, adults often try helping the child by encouraging him to talk, however such encouragement often results in the exact opposite and the child withdraws even further into himself.

The picture-book about Ana will help children and adults understand selective mutism while providing numerous ideas on how to help children with such problems. The book shows how important it is to take small steps and gradually confront the fears and anguish, so that in the end the child will overcome his fear of speaking, just as Ana did.”

Kaja Praprotnik, BSc. Psychology

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